How to Buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Guide 2018

How to Buy Bitcoin Cash

How to Buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

A Step by Step Guide

This guide will teach you how to buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH). We know that so many methods are available, so we made your life a little easier. Keep on reading! 

Choose the Best Bitcoin Cash wallet

*If you already have a Bitcoin Cash wallet, you may skip to: Choosing a Bitcoin Cash Exchange.

Also, you don’t really need a wallet because the exchange you’re using to buy Bitcoin Cash already has one. It’s just safer to get one.

Choosing a wallet is pretty easy. Either go for a digital (online) wallet, or a Hardware (physical wallet). Keep in mind, hardware wallets cost money. They are the safest type of wallets though.

The #1 choice Bitcoin Cash wallets is; Jaxx. It is a free cryptocurrency wallet that is currently the top choice among Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency users. Jaxx was founded by the co-founder of Ethereum and supports dozens of cryptocurrencies. It is also available on 8 platforms. (I’ll teach you how to set this up now)

Most popular Bitcoin Cash Hardware Wallet – Ledger Nano S *Highly Recommended*

Bitcoin Cash Wallet Setup - Jaxx

1) First, go to Jaxx’s Official Website.

Choose the correct wallet for your operating system, download the file, unzip it, and install the wallet.

2) The first thing you’ll see when you Open Jaxx is the release notes. These are just the latest updates to Jaxx wallet. 

3) Now you need to accept the “User Agreement”.

4) Make sure “CREATE NEW WALLET” is checked and hit “Continue”.

You can also restore an old or lost wallet from this screen as well.

5) You will now be asked to choose between an “Express” or “Custom” setup.

We are going to choose the”Custom” setup because it will guide you through important security features.

You will now be asked which cryptocurrency wallets you want to set up.

In this case, Bitcoin Cash. So make sure that is checked (as shown below).

Jaxx shows you the value of your cryptocurrency in whichever fiat currency you choose.

This will help when withdrawing you Bitcoin Cash.

You will now be asked if you want to backup your wallet or not. I highly recommend you do this!

Jaxx will provide you with a 12 word phrase also known as a “seed”. This is just a bunch of random words.

You must copy it down exactly as shown and store it somewhere safe!

This can be used if you lose access to Jaxx. As long as you have this 12 word phrase, you will be able to recover your funds!

Jaxx will allow you to confirm the phrase as well to make sure you copied it down right.

Jaxx offers an optional Security Pin as yet another extra security measure. 

This PIN will be required when sending funds or accessing your Backup Phrase.

Just enter and confirm your 4-digit security PIN.

Store this somewhere safe.

This will finalize your Jaxx wallet setup!

You should now be on the main screen or your Jaxx wallet.

Here you can see your Bitcoin Cash address for receiving and a “Send” button for sending Bitcoin Cash.

You will also see your Bitcoin Cash balance, transaction history, and a QR code.

I’ve attached a picture below of my Ethereum wallet (don’t have Bitcoin Cash right now lol). It’s the same concept for every cryptocurrency, I’m just showing you how it will look like.

Now let’s choose the best Bitcoin Cash Exchange!

Choosing the Best Bitcoin Cash Exchange

Choose Bitcoin Exchange

For paying with Credit Card or Bank transfer

For exchanging Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash. You can also exchange other Cryptocurrency as well.


Use for buying Bitcoin Cash with Credit Card or Bank Transfer

1) First, go to CEX.IO & click “Register”.

2) You will now need to create an account. Simply enter a your E-mail and Password.

You will be prompted to verify your e-mail address as well.

3) When on the home page, you will see that buying Bitcoin Cash or other Cryptocurrencies is very easy.

Simple choose which cryptocurrency you which to buy, and which currency you will be using.

Then choose one of the predefined amounts or type in how much you want to buy.


4) After you hit “Buy” you will be redirected to the payment page.

Here you will have to enter your credit card information and personal identification.

You will also be required to upload selfies of you holding your Bank Card and ID. This is a one time thing to provide proof of ownership of the credit card being used.

6) will charge your credit card for less than a dollar and ask you to verify the amount.

This might take up to 24 hours but don’t worry, like I said, it’s a one time thing.

Congratulations! You now just need to wait for to verify your information. Like I said, this could take up to 24 hours.

After this, every time you do a transaction will be instant!

*What if you want to buy Bitcoin Cash with Bank Transfer or Debit Card?

EASY! gives you the option to deposit money using your Debit Card or Bank Account.

Go to the “Wallets” section on the top menu and click “Deposit”.

Choose “Debit Card” or “Bank Transfer” and enter your details. may or may not have you verify.

Once this is done, simply type how much you want to deposit on the top right.

Your done! If its a bank transfer, it may take 3-5 days to show up in your account.

Congratulations! But, how about when you’re ready to sell your Bitcoin Cash? It’s simple, you just reverse the steps.

*I always sell my Bitcoin Cash back on CEX.IO. It’s as easy as 3 clicks!

*Feel free to ask us any question at our digital help desk!


Exchanging Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies for Bitcoin Cash

Changelly is one of the easiest exchanges to use. If you own Bitcoin, Ethereum or other Cryptocurrencies, you can use Changelly to exchange them with one another. In this case, we will be exchanging Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash.

*The great thing about Changelly is that they look for the best exchange rates for every trade, offering the lowest fees among Cryptocurrency exchanges. 


If you have Bitcoin, great, continue reading.

If you don’t have Bitcoin, read our Step-By-Step Bitcoin Buying Guide.

2) Register. Fill out your E-mail or Sign up with Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

3) Choose what you want to exchange. In this case, we will exchange Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash. 

Just enter how how much Bitcoin you’d like to exchange for Bitcoin Cash.

It will show you the exchange rate, the fee(.5%), and estimated arrival time!

4) Now enter your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address. 

5) Check all the details and click “Confirm and make payment”.

6) For the last step, you will be provided a Bitcoin address to the send your Bitcoin to.

After they receive your payment, you will see your Bitcoin Cash in about 30 minutes! 

Congratulations! But, how about when you’re ready to sell your Bitcoin Cash? It’s simple, you just reverse the steps.

Note: Theres 2 ways I recommend selling Bitcoin Cash:

  1. Exchange Bitcoin Cash for Bitcoin on Changelly. Then transfer that Bitcoin to LocalBitcoins, and sell it for a profit!
  2. Transfer your Bitcoin Cash to CEX.IO, sell it for Fiat Currency(USD, EUR, etc..), and withdraw to your Bank Account.

*Feel free to ask us any question at our digital help desk!

Remember, Be Smart & Invest

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